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Motivational Speaker/Public figure

Neurolinguistic programmer/Well-Being/Life Coach
Multi-business owner - Content creator - Adult/Exotic Entertainer

"CEO of my own life..." - Scarlett Moon

Scarlett Moon's successful career might look like it was established from all her media attention or social media following. This experienced model cultivated a well-established career and brand in the Nude modeling, Exotic dancing, and Adult Entertaining industry where her career was taken to new levels as a content creator in 2017, on platforms like Patreon, Snapchat, and of course Onlyfans. Or you might question if her success was paved by her well-known Public presence, or her being a Socialite. 

In actual fact, most people recognize Scarlett from her acting career, seen on DSTV and kykNET's Die Real housewives van Pretoria & her controversial Onlyfans episode on the Sex in Afrikaans series on Showmax. Or was it her double feature on the TV series My vreemde vriende, you might ask? 

But there is much more to this bilingual and multi-talented, Afrikaans and English actress, model, and dancer. She does not always strip down for the camera, nor is she only admired for her artistic photography, - and beautiful presence, but is also known for her high standards and working ethics. Fighting for women's rights and gender equality, - helping female models, adult entertainers, and content creators stay safe in the industry, and on the internet. Educating not just aspiring creators & Entertainers across the world, -but also the general public on what it means to be a woman, nude model, and adult/exotic entertainer in our modern society. Because of this, Scarlett is now a headliner & representative of her industry, who has worked over the past 15 years hard and undeniably towards building enough experience and awareness, where she is now seen by many as a beacon of truth, a pillar, who uses her story, experience, -and most importantly her voice to create awareness that towers over the misconceptions of; and the injustices towards creators/entertainers, who find themselves often is abused in many forms, leading to not only their careers being jeopardized, but also their safety compromised in the modeling, adult entertainment, and sex work industry. Her interviews on these topics and her career have been seen and heard on newsworthy media, online platforms, and radio stations, like Mix FM, Jacaranda FM, The Saturday Star newspaper, AOL online, -and programs like Carte Blanche. Her success will continue well into 2023 when she will be seen in two up-and-coming South African Docuseries, to will be aired in early 2023 on national TV.

Not only is Scarlett a visionary from South Africa, but also a multi-talented businesswoman and Entrepreneur, who has a passion for expressing herself in the world of performance arts. With her aptitude and graceful knack in drama/acting/dancing. Her ingenuity for music, you will find her singing, Djing, and often song or poetry writing. She does not just perform, Scarlett's Production and Talent agency books various acts, talented artists, and musicians for not only her own productions/events, but also for private/public functions and events.

She spends most of her hours on her new endeavors as a Qualified transformation coach, who specializes in Neurolinguistic programming & Life/Wellness Coaching. Scarlett focuses on complete Self, life, spiritual, or career transformations workshops and individual coaching and assists a variety of creatives and individuals to find and reconnect to their Authentic selves. Her passion project and nonprofit umbrella company Vi-Being 4 YOU-manity go hand in hand with her passion to lead and inspiring. She is working on volunteer projects and collaborative events that are designed to inspire humanity to work together and to improve the general understanding of happiness and kindness. Scarlett believes that with the right amount of education, vision, passion, and love- we as humanity can build strong and compassionate communities that can work together towards general freedom from suffering, community-based shared resources and skills, greater support, compassion towards each other, and one love for all.


Classically trained, Modern, Freestyle

**Burlesque - Fire dance

Cabaret - Showgirl -Coyote Bar top dancer - Gogo Club

Scarlett has been a dancer most of her life and always found herself drawn to the stage with a natural talent for any performance art. After many years of Ballet, Scarlett indulged in many dance forms when she finally found Burlesque which captivated her instantly. She has been performing Burlesque for over 5 years professionally and since 2018 she established a successful entertainment agency, The Showgirls which she re-branded to Moon Star Productions. 

Scarlett has a deep passion for Burlesque and Fire dancing and has Produced many successful Burlesque shows at venues and events like Alice & 5th, The Gentlemen's Arthouse, The book & Art Festival, Love the sex expo, Soiree, Forti's Grill, La'Centa, Fetish haven, Crazy Carousel, The Dark Forest. One of her productions was Filmed by Kyknet - My vreemde vriende, Scarlett has the opportunity to captivate her audience not just on stage but through television, the episode aired 2020. 

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